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Real Love

God wants us to be intimate in a pure way with each other. Our brothers and sisters should be people whom we can trust without reserve. That’s what intimacy means. To love entirely. To be close with one another. This is not sexual, it’s spiritual. It’s being willing...

Even the Demons Believe

Hypocrite/hypochristianity is just repeating a sinner’s prayer, and you’re saved. No need for real repentance and turning from sin. Being born today, is becoming reduced to a prayer, a feeling, but not a life transformed by and for Christ. "When you fall, it’s just...

The Good News of God’s Government

The word “Gospel” is found over 100 times in the Bible. It's also used with “Kingdom." Kingdom of God means government of God. The Gospel is the good news of God’s government. Jesus didn’t speak of Himself. In fact, He said, "My doctrine is not mine, but of He who...