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Gas Giveaway Ministry

I Belong, Amen Ministries has a specific mission to homosexuals, transsexuals, but the overall goal is to see everyone we encounter meet Jesus. Whomever I meet on the streets, I want to introduce them to Jesus. All the people need Jesus!We only want them to be...

Large Scale Child Abuse

In Texas today, with the Salt and Light Brigade huddle. Saturday at the Planned Parenthood. Check for event updates. An 11 year old boy, Desmond, is starting a transgender dating website. He has been told since he was a baby, that he was...

Free Indeed

 David's show is from Texas. David had an opportunity to speak at a Karl Gessler Band concert last night, with lots of ex-convicts in the auditorium. He was able to give out lots of his books. The men started reading the book directly after the concert. David engaged...