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Spiritual Warfare with Tom Dunn

 Today’s show features guest host, Tom Dunn. Tom’s ministry, “Through the Black” is about spiritual warfare. He has experienced much in the spirit world, and is devoted to helping people escape from the grip of Satanism and demon possession.Tom just returned from...

Eternal Security

A lot of people think they’re saved, but they’re not really saved. An appeasing pacifying faith, is not what Christianity is about. Just saying a prayer doesn’t mean you’re saved. Wonderful work for God is what we are supposed to be about. Scripture says that the...

Looking Forward to Salvation

Our salvation now, is nearer than when we first believed. We will receive the fullness of that salvation when we see Christ. For now, we are to “take heed unto thyself.” 1 Timothy 4:16 Each Believer is personally responsible to live by Jesus’ commands; to work out our...