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Upcoming 3-Day Outreach Ministry in Asheville, NC

David opened the show talking about the word "contagion."  David tweeted about that. David thanked Michael Spaulding for inviting him to speak in his church this Sunday morning in Lima, Ohio.  Next weekend is the first ever three day outreach.  David will be in...

Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Savior

David started the show thanking folks for helping him as he and his mom mourn the death of a brother and son. The Lord took David on a journey last night through the scripture.  He read from the Bible. Hebrews 12. Isaiah 40:31 Jeremiah 9:23 Jeremiah 26:14 Jeremiah 29...

War with Enemies

James, in the Bible, speaks of 3 types of wars.  We are not to be at war with one another. We are not to condemn one another. 1 John 3 says whoever hates his brother is a murderer. But if we have a war within ourselves, we will be at war with others. If we lust,...