Meet David Arthur

Using myself as an illustration, as a former homosexual, and former transgender person, with decades of experience in that world, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that homosexuality (including transgenderism) is absolutely mutable and curable!

GOD has Created each one of us in a heterosexual design which cannot be altered.  We are born male or female.  Our DNA makes us male or female and no surgery in the world can change our DNA.  Changing our sex/gender is not possible.  Indeed, homosexuality is not truly a sexual orientation at all, but just one type of sin, and a type of bondage/stronghold. Those who tell us that homosexuality is just one of many sexual orientations seek to keep us in bondage, whether they know it or not.

Once we embrace our heterosexual design, we can find the Freedom from the bondage of homosexuality.  Being set free from homosexuality (including transgenderism) is just as desirable, just as real, and just as common, as a drug addict being set free from the bondage and hold of drugs.  Our “true self” is exactly who we were Created to be from conception.

Sex means biological sex and its definition did not change because someone is ensnared by deception. It would not be called deception if they knew they were being deceived.  Each of us is born with a race/color, a sex, and a nationality.  Sex is objective, not subjective, and binary — either male or female.  Gender dysphoria is confusion, and that would fall under the “mental disorder” category (according to society) and not the sexual orientation one. When a male begins identifying as a female then that male is no longer in his right mind, he has succumbed to sin (the enemy).

One interesting fact; To enter into the “transgender” world one must undergo, and continue in, extensive mental health counseling, and that fact alone says that the individual is not mentally stable. The suicide rate among transgenders increases with the hormone treatment and even more so with the surgery.  We cannot change the meaning of words just because a very small population of individuals “feel” they want to be what they are not.

There are many people being set free from homosexuality and, in fact, there is a whole movement of ex-homosexuals (ex-trans) that are speaking out and exposing the darkness of the LGBT agenda/movement.  You will not hear much about these men and women, as the powers that be do not want their stories distributed.  However, I have had contact with many men who at one time identified as female and have been set free from those deceptive lies and now live healthy, productive lives as the men they were created to be. And the same for some women I know who once identified as male.