March 1, 2019 – March 3, 2019 all-day
David Arthur

Copy of street ministry

Our 1st 3-Day Outreach Ministry Trip!! The 1st one we actually planned was cancelled because I was ill (pneumonia).

For those who do not know, The LORD has placed this 3-Day Ministry on my heart back when Tom Dunn and I were traveling, for the upcoming 2019 documentary on my life & death, and I was able to witness to some transgender prostitutes (who embraced me) on the streets and due to our schedule, and funds, we had to get back on the road.

Well, I prayed to The LORD for some clarity and begged HIM to allow me more time with these individuals while traveling….. HE provided me with a ministry idea for this 3-Day Ministry Outreach to go in and….

Day 1 ~ Connect with the transgender & homosexual prostitutes / addicts / etc…. meeting them on their own ground and witness to them, establish a connection.

Day 2 ~ Take them out of their comfort zone. Take them out to eat. Spend time with them. Introduce them to JESUS through Word, Deed and Action. Pray for, with and over them.

Day 3 ~ Introduce them to a local Pastor, congregation, ministry leader, brother that stands firm in Truth and is HOLY SPIRIT Filled for accountability and growth purposes.

And our very first ministry trip is scheduled for March 1st – 3rd, at which time, whoever we connect with will be introduced to a local body of Christians that I know personally. Praise be to JESUS! HE is making moves and destroying the hurdles along the way.

On Sunday, March 3rd, we will have a Praise & Worship service at The Refuge House of Prayer in Fletcher, N.C. at 11am, and at which time we will introduce our new brother/s or sister/s to a local body of Christians that will be there for them to disciple them as they grow and mature in JESUS.

We will begin with Prayer and introductions. Karl Gessler and The KGB will be leading our Praising The LORD in song, then a brief message will be shared as we go into fellowship and breaking bread with one another. No Fee. Love Offering Will Be Taken. 

We will Praise and Worship our LORD, our GOD, JESUS CHRIST and break bread with plenty of fellowship and connecting….. investing in our brothers & sisters as we invest in The Body of JESUS with our surrendered lives! Hallelujah! 

Please Sow Directly Into This Ministry. Help Us To Make It Happen! In HIS Grip, David