December 19, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 9:30 am

World renowned author and speaker, Laneen A.  Haniah, is a self-proclaimed Intimatologist, who is widely known as “Dr. Intimacy ~ The Surgeon for Your Soul”. Through 21 years of focused studies on Biblical Sexology and Intimatology, Dr. Intimacy has developed her own brand of helping people discover and reconstruct their core, which she calls “soul-sculpting”.

Dr. Intimacy facilitates soul-sculpting sessions at her private office in North Dallas and online everywhere, through which she provides profound and applicable insights on personal, spiritual and inter-relational intimacy that leads to transforming core-reconstruction. Laneen is also the two-time, award-winning radio host of Inspired Intimacy Talk Radio and author of three renowned HOT-selling hits, “The Spirits of Sexual Perversion Reference Book”, “STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons” and “How to Love a Black Man.”

For booking info please visit www.LaneenHaniah.com

December 19th at 9am EST (8am CST)