Redefining Intimacy

Dec 31, 2018 | 0 comments

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A lot of things are done through this ministry, which are not advertised. A man has just left his sexual deathstyle and is now reconciled with his Christian family. Lots of people are seeking the Lord. God is doing lots of things through relationships that I am forming.

The intimacy that we are seeking to restore, can be had. TRUE INTIMACY!

That desire for intimacy is not unnatural. God puts the desire in each of us. To desire to have an intimate relationship with other human beings is God-given. The feeling isn’t unnatural, but the definition and modern perception of intimacy has been corrupted.  If a man or woman desires to have intimacy with someone else, it is automatically sexualized.

If a boy doesn’t have a father or a very good male role model, he desires that intimacy with another man. There’s nothing unnatural about that. His perception of intimacy may be unnatural because of how society has redefined intimacy in sexual terms. He’s been brain-washed to believe that intimacy is sex.

The enemy of our souls has stolen the word “intimacy.” We need to take back real intimacy.

Praise the Lord!


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