Listening with Ears to Hear

Nov 6, 2018 | 0 comments

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Listening. We need to learn how to listen with ears to hear. I recently heard a group of men talking about their sports. They were passionate about the sport and their jobs. I wonder if we all gaver God the passion that we invest in material things. What about the attention we give to our pets? Do we give our pets more attention than we give God? We’ve made our pets our fur babies. 

Speakers have to prepare all the parts of his speech, and the listener has to be able to listen with ears to hear from the beginning to the end. 

How can we become better listeners? One of my biggest faults when I first became a Christian, was how I would answer someone, while they were explaining something. To have a response before you’ve heard what the speaker is speaking, is not good.

The Word says to be quick to hear and slow to speak. 

I try to look directly at the speaker, and focus on his words. Some people can focus better if they close their eyes and try to picture the words visually. Regardless, self – discipline is required to focus on the speaker’s message. I also take notes, to help me concentrate on the message.  

When a speaker is reading Scripture, open yours and read along. Open your Bible and stay on track with the speaker. When you follow along the very words being spoken, you remember more of what you see and hear.

Visual aids are often used for speakers, because they help most of the time. Technology glitches can distract. We are visual people. 

Showing obedience to the Lord is key. Spending time in His Word, listening to His voice in faith is necessary. Also, listen with a mind to act on what God’s Word demands of us. 

Hearing must be accompanied by doing in order to be effective for the Lord.

Praise the Lord!


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