Pounding the Intimacy Nail

Jan 7, 2019 | 0 comments

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David opened the show talking about upcoming ministry on the streets reaching out to the public.

The gospel is going to the streets to reach out to folks who are in need.

Our testimony is a powerful tool that God has created through us to help others. We are going to their comfort zone.

I’ve discovered my true identity in Jesus Christ. David talked about being created from conception for what he is called to do today. He talked about becoming a lie that was based on feelings. We’re wrong when we tell people that their desires are wrong or unnatural. The desire for intimacy is not wrong. Those feelings are not wrong. The yearning for an intimate bond is all natural. It is not wrong for men to want to be intimate with other men. Intimacy is not sex. It doesn’t mean sex … intimacy.

David talked about being gay … in Jesus. Now he knows what true joy and righteous is.

The kingdom of God is peace and joy and righteousness in the Holy Ghost.

David was the walking dead. He feels more alive than he ever has. The testimony is a customized tool that only you have. There is victory in Jesus. There’s also freedom in Jesus.

He talked about being blessed even in death because he knows that he has eternal life. He has hope.

We only become overcomers through the blood of Jesus and the power of our testimony.

We hook sinners with the power of our testimony and then Jesus cleans them through His blood. In 2009 he was saved from death. His life is not his own.

Going to the streets brings you into contact with subjective truth instead of objective truth. Jesus Christ is the truth. The absolute truth.

Light is brought to the darkness by the sharing of our testimony.

God is saving David from death and hell everyday because of his choice to follow Him. We must not be afraid of rejection by peers. It’s right to want intimacy with peers. Not sex. Intimacy.

Most teenagers go through tremendous emotional turmoil. Sometimes this happens to kids from healthy homes. The battlefield is littered with emotional demons. Our mission field is littered with emotional demons.

Everyone is a target for predators. Hurt people hurt people. Broken people want to break people. Lost people thrive on lost people.

David wants to be filled with the Holy Ghost everytime he goes out into the mission field. He is going to be out there this week in Ohio. Too many people worry about too many people. Be focused on pleasing Jesus.

Miracles are all around us. David was the epitomy of the dark side. And Jesus reached out to even him. Jesus pulled him out of the cesspool of this world. Jesus heard David’s cries.

David’s prayer for today is that everyone he comes into contact with will see Jesus Christ active in him. It is all about the life of Jesus being communicated. He cherishes the opportunity to pour true life into others.

It is a great honor.

The Holy Spirit told David this morning that the sin of Sodom isn’t just homosexuality. We must stop using the enemies terminology. Who cares who agrees with you.

Don’t live with error. Live the truth.

Praise the Lord!


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