Safe in the Cage

Nov 23, 2018 | 0 comments

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Today’s show features guest, Coach Dave Daubenmire. David is on the road traveling. Please pray for him.

There is brainwashing going on even through NFL halftime shows. Who is Meghan Traynor? Why is she and the Dallas cheerleaders doing this fire ceremonial type performance? This is the world. As we look at these things through a spiritual lens, we will see that just as the old time satanic ceremonies used fire, now these events are using fire. NFL is already a type of “god” to some people. We worship professional sports in America. Now, they are using sexual innuendo in our living rooms, un-asked for! The average NFL viewer isn’t interested in this  We just want to watch football! But someone has decided that the football fans need to see this garbage 

We need to be discerning about what’s going on in movies, in the newspaper, and in the pop culture at large. 

Where are the pastors talking about the sin of the world and how to discern it? Are they just “safe in the cage?” Are the pastors just protecting themselves, and hoping to say only enough to get people to come back each week? We don’t want any hard-hitting,  hell, fire and brimstone preaching, though, do we?!


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