Spiritual Warfare with Tom Dunn

Dec 7, 2018 | 0 comments

Full Show Description

 Today’s show features guest host, Tom Dunn. Tom’s ministry, “Through the Black” is about spiritual warfare. He has experienced much in the spirit world, and is devoted to helping people escape from the grip of Satanism and demon possession.

Tom just returned from Scotland where he attended a conference with Russ Dizdar. He saw how demonic activity and Satanism is alive and well in the UK.

Tom warns, “We are seeing Satanists, witches uncloak like never before. People are turning to this. If the Christians don’t wake up and get trained in spiritual warfare, we are going to get steam-rolled.

We need to show up in the prayer closet; putting on the armor of God. We’ve got to get strong. And teach our children to be strong.”

Work and pray!

Visit www.throughtheblack.com for more info on Tom Dunn’s ministry.

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