Step Out. Speak Out. Stand Out.

Nov 27, 2018 | 0 comments

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I drove by a building with a sign outside that said, “This is a season to have an attitude of gratitude.” I say it’s the season to wage war. We need to go to the gates of hell, and knock them down.

 When Jesus found me, I had chosen to do bad things for 30 years. Today, I have to deny self daily. If you think I don’t struggle, you’ve got another thing coming. But I don’t struggle with the struggle. I am content. I am secure. I am safe in that finished work on the Cross. As long as I endure to the end, I will have all I have coming to me.

I get on my face numerous times a day, as much as possible, and I thank Him for not leaving me lost and broken and in pain. I don’t mean physical pain. I’ll take all the physical pain. I’ll take it all, just to have the spiritual connection with Jesus.

I’m going to Step out. Speak out. Stand out.

Praise the Lord!


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