The Homosexual Manifesto

Sep 13, 2018 | 2 comments

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The Homosexual Manifesto was written in 1987. It is what is ruining our culture, today. Today’s show talks about how they have accomplished so much. This movement is the most well-funded of all. It has absorbed all the others – Islamic, abortion, pedophile, etc. It’s the most focused, funded, organized movement on this planet, today.

I should be saying that about Christians – God’s people. But the Church is full of division, lack of reproof & correction, and lack of unity. Unless we pay attention to this, we won’t be able to reach our children and grandchildren. They are seeking to destroy the masculinity and the head of the Church, Jesus Christ.

Their manifesto includes this: “They’re in schools, dormitories, gymnasiums, locker rooms, sports arenas, seminaries, youth groups, movie theaters, bathrooms, army bunkhouses, truck stops, male clubs, houses of Congress, wherever men are with men, together.” This is a done deal. The homosexual movement has gone to every one of these places, and more. They are now in government positions, and intimidating every area of our culture.

It’s time to wake up and sound the alarm.



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