Nov 22, 2018 | 2 comments

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Today is Thanksgiving. I want to give homage to all those whom I am thankful for. Coach Dave is very important in my life. Thank you, Coach. Coach will be hosting the show, tomorrow, November 23rd. Tune in!

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You know, the world is experiencing transmania these days. And it’s aimed at your kids and grandkids. You notice, the LGBTQP for pedophile is not going to nursing homes trying to indoctrinate the elderly. They are going to children’s story hours at libraries, and going to pre-schools, elementary, junior high and high schools. They are in colleges. They want the youth! They are telling lies. 

And I believed that lie.  It wasn’t until I was 34 years old, with breasts, sleeping with dozens of men, daily, that God placed a man, a real man, to tell me the truth.

The pure love of God permeates through the lies. I knew what love was, the day a man in prison told me about Jesus. That man loved me so much he wanted to offend me with the truth. I am grateful!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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