Report on 3 Day Ministry in Asheville

Mar 4, 2019 | 0 comments

David joined the show from his vehicle.  He is returning from Asheville and his three day ministry on the streets there.

He commented that he thinks they were hiding.  They found NO transgenders on Friday night.  They saw a girl and her boyfriend.  He had a bow in his hair, a skirt and combat boots.  He belonged to her, and that was that.

David observed that they witnessed a dramatic role reversal.  Men with girlfriends were effeminate.  Homosexuals acted like men.  The men who should have been acting like men were not.  It is very obvious now in the culture.

David talked to a man who may have been a drug addict.  David was asking where the transgenders hung out.  The guy made a big issue out of the fact that David was down there because he is a Christian.

After being on the streets they went back to the parsonage.  He called into his prayer team for a conference call of prayer.  He was impressed with how many folks were on the call.  He was encouraged by the prayer team.

David met a homeschooling family with nine children.  He met them at the chapel.  Their sons hang out with a boy who thinks he is homosexual.  David was able to help them.

On Saturday they went back out to the streets.  David met a transgender prostitute.  He gave him a flyer and invited him to the Sunday event.  He took the flyer and put it in his pocket book.  He didn’t show up on Sunday.  But he did get on the flyer David’s contact information.

David said, “Asheville is a dark place.”  He described it as awkward and eerie.  He said he felt way out of place.  He went to a coffee shop and asked for the mens room.  They said they didn’t have one.  They said they have an all gender bathroom.

David saw a sign everywhere that said, “We Welcome all races all religions all countries of origin etc.”

He said there was a power at work that kept the people who need help out of their path.

David showed images from the weekend.  One of the images he showed made a very bizarre point about equality and gender.  Another showed “Be Loved Asheville” portraying Asheville in rainbow colors.

David described all the images as a mockery of what’s good and beautiful.

The weekend didn’t go the way David thought it was going to go but it was all worth it because God was in it and the Christians who participated were inspired, instructed and encouraged.

David met a woman who had seen him on television years ago.  She wanted to find David but couldn’t .  She watches Coach Dave’s show.  That brought David back into her life.  She came to the event to connect with David.

A couple was there from North Dakota.  This family with four children sold everything bought an RV and they drive the country and serve.  They follow the Holy Spirit wherever He leads, and they serve.