Legalized Mass Murder & Thought Police

Jan 31, 2019 | 0 comments

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Today’s show includes a discussion of abortion, and recent legislation passed by New York state, allowing for abortion all the way through the ninth month. Actually, 31 states allow for this, according to the Illinois Family Institute.

The dark is getting darker. Child sacrifice is becoming easier. Virginia’s Governor favors even killing a child outside the womb, after birth, if the doctor and the mother agree that it should be killed.

Even Christians justify their own abortions, by saying they don’t want their children to contract the same diseases they have. Why didn’t they think of that before engaging in sexual relations with the risk of pregnancy?

Many international ministries could do so much more to help stop abortion. They affect so many people, who listen and support them. Why are they not speaking loudly and clearly against the evil in the culture?

Are they afraid of man? We do have reason to pause, but never stop telling the truth.

We must pause, because there are thought police harassing people, today. Harry Miller is an example of someone harassed by a “cohesion officer.” After re-posting a limerick, he was warned that if he kept posting what some considered to be “hate” on social media sites, he could be “sacked” from his job. The cop was monitoring even Harry’s thoughts! Thought police are on the prowl. Beware, but don’t be afraid.

Stand for truth!


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