Donald Trump, the Church, and the Future of America

Feb 6, 2019 | 0 comments

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Special announcement: Please pray for David as he travels to be with his family for the funeral of his brother, 51, who died suddenly this week.

Today’s host on is Coach Dave Daubenmire.

If President Trump just became a Christian before he became president, do we expect him to be as mature, spiritually, as older Christians? Let’s cut him a little slack. In fact, Donald Trump appears to be more vocal on moral issues like abortion, that most pastors I know. Maybe he’s making some bad choices, but we grow in our Christianity every day, as we seek God and study God’s Word.

We walk a tightrope. Donald Trump doesn’t understand the Church. He isn’t the Apostle Paul, King David, or maybe even King Cyrus. We want him to stop abortion. Well, the Church won’t even step up and stand up vocally against it.

The Church has an opportunity to stand up, while they have a president that will support them. If the Church won’t even stand up now, what are they doing to do when the next liberal president is in power?!

George H.W. Bush, Clinton, Geo. W. Bush, and Obama all continued the globalist agenda. This is what President Trump has inherited. He is the only one of that group, that has spoken out against it.

Now, Trump is giving every signal he possibly can, that he is on our side with respect for life of the unborn.

In Romney, Christians supported a Mormon for president. In Obama, we thought we had a Christian, but he was really a Muslim. Now, we have a Presbyterian Christian, who is outspoken and doing what he said he would. Why aren’t all the Christians supporting President Trump?

Every president has had soil on his robes. But in Obama, we had an anti-Christian president. He was pro-Islam. Is Trump worse than that? Both Presidents Bush were for the New World Order. Is Trump worse than that? Clinton was…well, we all know what he was. Is Trump worse than that?

The Dems want to keep Ruth Bader Ginsburg propped up until next year, so Trump cannot elect a new Supreme Court justice.

We need to keep the pressure on, for the right thing to be done in the public square.

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