Annihilation Women and Intro to Prayer Mapping

Feb 11, 2019 | 0 comments

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David is with his family, in the aftermath of his brother’s sudden crossing over into eternity last week. He is taking on the mantle of being the man of the family – raising funds to cover his brother’s funeral costs. Check out the GOFUNDME link below, to help raise funds for his family’s needs at this time.

David also needs denture work, and has many surgeries upcoming, for his physical issues. Please remember David mostly in prayer. And also with your financial needs, as you have means to do so. 

Tom Dunn is the guest on today. The topic is Annihilation Women and Prayer Mapping.

Tom tells a dramatic story of two lesbians who adopted six children, then abused and neglected them. They became vagabonds for a decade; abusing their children throughout that time. They were on the run with all six children, after being accused multiples times, in multiple states, of child abuse. This story tragically ended with the mothers driving over a cliff and killing their whole family. Unbelievable.

Women like this are called “female annihilators.” They not only destroy themselves, they try to or do kill their children, also. This is not exclusive to the homosexual movement.

What goes on in the minds of these people?

In the UK, men dressed as women, and calling themselves women, who are incarcerated, are requesting to be put in prison with women. These men include sex offenders, who then go into women’s prisons; putting the women in great danger.

1 Chronicles 16:3 is a declaration of our Creator’s greatness, and calls on us to praise Him. Even the trees of the woods will sing out, it says. God is going to judge the earth.

Until He does judge the earth, we have a job to do. We only need to proclaim the Gospel and praise God’s name.

Prayer Mapping – What if we took a piece of paper, and wrote down a list of specific things we could pray for, when we pray for individuals, ministries or other things? Let’s ramp up our prayer life, and learn how we can become more effective in our prayers.

Do you ever get distracted when you pray? A prayer map brings you back when you get distracted in prayer.  You can pray with a list until you get really good at focusing your prayers.  Prayer walking is also a good thing. Praying for your neighbors as you walk through the neighborhood.

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