David’s Brother, Lee

Feb 7, 2019 | 0 comments

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David’s brother Lee, who just died suddenly this week, is shown on David’s upcoming biography www.fireandbrimstonefilm.com, speaking about his own experience with David. He saw David become trans sexual, and then come to the Lord. He saw the powerful transformation.

Lee tells how David has been transformed, and how Lee would ask himself at times, “What would David do?” after David became a Christian.

1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul says, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.”

It’s not about what would David do, but what would Jesus do? How would Jesus react? In everything we think, do and act, we need to think about the Lord.

My brother, Lee, loved the Lord. He is definitely in the Lord’s hands, now.

This week has been an emotional roller coaster. My brother touched so many people. Every one of the people who came into contact with him, loved him.

I made a statement for everybody. My heart doesn’t break. My world is not crumbling down. I’m saddened for my family and the people who knew my brother. Those who are enduring the loss of my brother her on earth, I am sad for.

I am not sad for my brother. He’s completely free, now. He has no more struggles or battles. I am blessed to be acknowledged in the way he did, when I saw this video clip of him talking about me.

Now that my brother is gone, I realize how much life is a mist. I love my family, but love God even more. I pray that everybody that has been affected by my brother or the loss of others you love, that you would sit down and see the reality that tomorrow really isn’t promised.

I pray for the comfort of my family and all my brother’s friends. I urge everyone to seek the Lord, and call upon Him WHILE He is near. Isaiah 55:6

There will come a time when He may not be found. When He is not going to be near. The time is now, to surrender to Jesus. Give it all to Him. Allow Him to take the reigns that you’ve been fighting so hard to keep control of.

Not everyone is a child of God. Not everyone goes to Heaven. When I was on my death bed, confessing my sins, I was afraid I was going to hell because that is what I deserved. I knew God wasn’t sending me to hell, but He was honoring my choice to go there.

God would that all men become saved. What can stop God’s will? Our will.
What can put a stop to the goodness that God wills to be done? Our will.

When I look at 1 Corinthians 11:1, this passage should actually be the last verse of chapter 10.  Paul laid down rules, urging the believers to imitate him as Paul imitated Jesus.

We do look to people, whom we can see and touch. We see Jesus revealed in thought, word and deed. Our actions show others what Jesus would do. We need to look like Jesus.

Thank you, Jesus, for letting me represent You on earth. Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to want to imitate You, so others will want to imitate me.

The funeral for Lee is Saturday. There is a private family viewing today. Our goal on the way to New Jersey, was to praise God, thank Him, and allow everybody to see Jesus in us, through us, and with us. That should be all our goal.

Jesus never sought his own glory. He sought the glory of Him who sent Him.

Paul wanted everyone to imitate him only as he imitated Jesus. If you have a “Lee” or a “David” or fill in the blank _____, anyone you look to…it’s okay to say “what would he or she do” but make sure they are imitating Jesus Christ.

We cannot do anything outside of Christ.

I think about my nieces. I love them so much. It may have taken the death of my brother to bring our family together; to open someone else’s eyes to life.

I think about the long talks, the hard talks I had with my brother, Lee. If you know the truth, and walk in truth, and aren’t telling the truth, why aren’t you talking it?

The correctional officer in that Florida jail, poured out the truth to me. Renew the Spirit. Be renewed. I need to pour it out, then be renewed again, to pour out more.

Jesus is my Rock!

Praise the Lord!


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