Evil in High Places

Feb 8, 2019 | 0 comments

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Today’s show was hosted by Tom Dunn, producer of David’s new biography DVD. Visit alphabetmanlive.com to order your copy, today! 

Tom shared some enlightening information about evil at the highest levels of the military. He clarified that not all leaders at the top are sexually deviant, but there is evidence that many are. “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” could be a cover for the military itself, not permission from “innocent” “monogamous” homosexuals who want special rights to act on their desires, publicly. 

It seems that a military wife from the inside has come forward with damning evidence of sexual deviancy being promoted from within the military leadership itself. 

This is what we’re up against. We no longer have to wonder why we feel helpless and powerless. 

But remember, Daniel, in the Bible was also up against powerful forces. And yet God protected and saved him from the lions, literally. 

May we never give up. May we continue to put on the full armor of God, to stand in the day of evil. 

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