Gender Confusion Defined

Jan 8, 2019 | 0 comments

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And in the schools, children are being indoctrinated into transgender confusion. The instruction is very clearly defined.

Pan sexual, Gray-asexual – a desire to be intimate, but not sexually attracted. Queer is a word describing all sexual proclivities. The Webster’s 1828 dictionary says “queer” is “odd.” Polysexual refers to people attracted to “more than two genders, but not all genders…and except boys.” Huh? There are only 2 genders. Bisexual means being attracted to the same gender as a person identifies, and another gender. But there is no such thing as a bisexual. God made man to lie with a woman. Period. To engage in any other sexual activity is simply sin. We are not bisexual. One can be sexually confused, looking for more than what they are experiencing. God places a conscience in men and women from the beginning. They are seeking, but looking in all the wrong places.

You may feel like a cat or a tree. What matters is what God created you to be. When you accept who God made you, you can have peace. Submit your mind to God and He will make your path straight.

I can say I’m sexually attracted to men, as a man, but really, what we crave is intimacy with other human beings. The enemy has tainted intimacy to become sexual and sinful. The homosexual act is unnatural. But that desire that the boy has, to be intimate, or have a bond with another boy, is natural. God puts that desire for healthy intimacy in us.

Intersex is a person who is supposedly born as not entirely male or female. Some people are born with birth defects. Hermathrodite has partial organs. If a person is born with part of the other sex’s genitals, however, still has DNA of a man or woman.  That DNA is God’s doing. He makes us male or female. And never in  history has a person been born with 2 complete sex organs. These people are born with a complete set of sex organs and an incomplete set of organs.

Demisexual is a strong sexual attraction after an emotional bond takes place. Isn’t this just another way of saying, a person wants intimacy? Healthy intimacy can lead to a bond, a marriage and then sexual engagement. Demi- root word signifies “half.” Supposedly, demisexuals are half sexuals, because they like romance but only sometimes sexual attraction. Half-sexual? This is a deception.

Non-binary identifies as a non-male or non-female. Genderfluid is someone who moves around to all the different gender identities as they feel to do. This is crazy! These people are gender confused. They think they can change their pronouns to suit their daily feelings. Nothing more than feelings.

These words and definitions are pure garbage. We are so far from God, we should all be on our faces begging for His forgiveness and mercy.

Praise the Lord!


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