LGBT Assault

Jan 9, 2019 | 0 comments

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Today’s show features guest Mark Trump. He continues, as does David Arthur, to educate us on LGBTP for pedophile, activism. They are infiltrating our schools and our legislatures around the country.

Now, they are starting to introduce legislation to include LGBTP history in textbooks to include LGBT history. This is part of the LGBTP agenda, to completely rewrite history and force it upon our school children. Schools will change dramatically, as the homosexual activists push forward, forcing homosexuality down the throats of all public school children.

We need to know what is going on, and then step up and bear the Cross to stop it. Our children are being indoctrinated from a very young age.

A lot of people have the attitude that we have already lost the culture war. If we individually, do not stand up against this evil, we have then lost our eternal salvation. Because we have abandoned God and His ways. If we don’t fight evil, we’ll spend eternity in hell.  We may have to endure persecution, but that is our calling in Christ. To know this evil exists and to do nothing, is sin. Prepare for persecution. Persecution is a sign that we’re on the right track with God.

In order for the “gay” indoctrination to happen in schools, something else has to be removed from the school curriculum. They are removing geography. The students do not know where major continents or countries are, as some have pointed out.

Websites are now listing individuals and/or groups as pro or anti homosexual. Align yourself with some of the good guy groups you can support and become involved with.

A Globe Act bill has been introduced to put pressure on global countries who oppose homosexuality. There is a united front on the LGBT side, for fighting for what they believe in.


1. Homeschool our children and urge the parents of our grandchildren to homeschool.

2. As grandparents, take an active role with our grandchildren teaching them God’s Word on this topic. Don’t just retire to Florida and leave the children to the world.

3. Challenge the colleges and universities demanding equal time with Christianity and the evil being presented.

4. Be very diligent in finding good places of learning for our grown teens who are preparing for higher education.

5. Get involved in and support ministries that fight for right.

6. Confront public school boards on evil being presented as good.

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