LGBTQP(Pedophile) Deviancy

Jan 10, 2019 | 0 comments

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Yesterday’s show was incredible. Thank you, Mark, for hosting the show. Go back and re-watch it. The world is promoting “queer” in every way possible.

If a person is not heterosexual (which cannot be possible. We are all created man or woman designed to partner with the opposite sex), the world says you are some form of “homosexual.” But the truth is, all of us are heterosexual by intention and creation. You do not choose to be heterosexual, because you were designed that way. But if you suppress your heterosexual being, you are in error. From the beginning of Creation, male and female were created. One pink. One blue.

Queer is a hoax. It used to mean odd, and now the liars are saying they have reclaimed the word, not to mean what it really means.

“Gender queer” is an umbrella term for people outside the binary. Non-binary genders (no such thing) they say, can use “they, them, zee, zer” terms. We need to explain to these deluded people, that their DNA is X or Y. There is no Z.

Just because the LGBTPQWXYZ says there is such a thing doesn’t mean it is true.

Celine Dion’s new clothing line has shirts for girls with “ho” (whore) on them. Also, “new order” messaging. This is disturbing.

We need to go to school board meetings, letting them know that GLSEN (glisten), MAPS (minor attracted persons), and other deviant behavior groups are not welcome in your town, courthouse, state or nation.

Because I was part of these deviant groups, I know that they recruit children. And then the children become young adults who become suicidal. I know. I was there. The suicide rates are rising with acceptance, not diminish. Acceptance into deviancy doesn’t give them peace inside. At first, acceptance makes them butterflies and unicorns. But it doesn’t take long for them to become more confused and depressed than ever.

For those who identify with fake genders, they have to start hormones, blockers and surgeries, this makes them more depressed and anxious. Bi-polar, sleeping disorders, and anxiety attacks are the result of acceptance and engagement in deviancy.

The LGBTP(pedophile) movement is after your children. They want to infiltrate where youth gather. Please go wherever youth are present. You’ll find rainbows there. But look at your local nursing homes. The LGBTQP movement isn’t at the nursing homes. They don’t want the old people. They want to indoctrinate the young. They are predators leaving youth just as void and blank and broken as ever.

We need to warn the school boards that if they let the LGBTQP into the school, they are letting darkness and deception in. They need to know they are responsible for the destruction of children. They are handing the children and grandchildren over to the darkness. They are not helping them. They are allowing them to be preyed upon, devoured, raped and murdered.

In Great Britain schools are being forced to teach that some boys menstruate. They are trying to confuse the world into believing some boys have vaginas and some girls have penises.

They know it is wrong and immoral. We have the truth placed in each of us, as Romans 1 says. Even some homosexuals left a nightclub in NYC when Desmond, an 11 year old boy, was dancing on the stage in an adult bar. They knew that was even too evil for them to tolerate.

1972 the homosexual rights platform was laid out. The LGBTQP movement wants a repeal of all prostitution laws, laws prohibiting sex below certain ages, and they want a repeal all restrictions on number of persons entering a marriage unit. They want expansion of protections, legally, for all of their behaviors.

The LGBTQP did away with traditional family. If the enemy can’t kill them in the womb, he’ll get them in the schools and churches. There is even a child’s online dating service.

If your child can choose their gender, they should be able to choose their own sex partners, right? Wrong. This is evil to the core.

God intended for one man to marry one woman for one lifetime.

Coach Dave Daubenmire asked, “Why do we hate our children? When did we become so selfish that we see children as a burden instead of a blessing?” 

Our whole culture is being dragged into chaos and confusion. We’d better wake up, stand up, and speak up. 


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