Shedding the Fear

Jan 29, 2019 | 0 comments

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Today’s show is from Iowa, where we had a great huddle this past weekend. Thanks to all who organized and participated.

We had an intimate weekend of fellowship. I didn’t see any fear in men hugging men. Women hugging women in a healthy, godly way.

I was blessed to speak to a young man who is in a Teen Challenge program. He had a lot of questions about his habits – including his former homosexuality. It takes a long time to break habits. We need to recognize the habit immediately, and cast it out. We need to get rid of those habits.

Another gentleman came to me and wanted to speak to me privately on the phone about his issues. Praise God!

Also, two lesbians came to hear me speak.  It is not often that people in that movement come to hear me speak. One of them was abused, and raised in foster care, without her natural parents. Sad situation. God is doing something, folks. Please pray.

There’s some nonsense going on with unicorn children’s t-shirts promoting homosexuality. The messaging and pictures show a horse and unicorn. Your uncle is just a horse. My uncle is a rainbow toting, pole swinging unicorn. The message promotes the idea that because my uncle engages in homosexual sin, he is better than your uncle. Adults are putting their kids in shirts glorifying homosexuality. This is sin-loving garbage.

We need to shed the fear and tell the truth. We need to care more about what God thinks of us than what man thinks of us.



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