We Need a Predator Registry, Not a Sex Offender Registry

Feb 25, 2019 | 0 comments

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David opened the show thanking Pastor Michael Spaulding for having him speak at his church on Sunday.  David went on to talk about the upcoming three-day mission trip to Asheville, North Carolina and his plans for the week.  He has medical appointments to deal with the consequences of his old life transgendering.

David talked about Jared’s business, www.althatech.com  He encouraged folks to support Jared’s “ministry.”  Folks can contribute at www.althatech.com/ministry.  He praised Jared for being so generous.  Jared is all in.  It is time for us to be all in also.

God is always on time.  David read the lyrics to a song.  “One Day, Four Men.”  The song is about Lazarus, who Jesus raised from the dead.  Jesus also raised David from his AIDS death bed over a decade ago.

Illinois is trying to put tampon dispensers into the boys restroom.  California is now forcing school age children to watch homosexual acts.  While they are butchering babies on the east coast they are handing them over to predators on the west coast.

David talked about Senate bill 145 in California.  This bill will exempts LGBT’s from sex registration laws.  This is part of the effort to lower the age of consent to eleven years old.

Roger, a viewer of the show, observed that the Left is going to eat itself.  He mentioned the fact that transgender boys are winning all the girls sports.

Bill 145 takes the teeth out of the penal code.  A predator must be ten years older than the victim to be added to the sex offender registry in California.

David is on the sex offender registry.  He doesn’t think there should be a registry.  He thinks there should be a registry for predators.  Predators of any kind should be forced to register as such.

Someone commented to David, “All of us are sex offenders.  Some of us just haven’t been caught yet.”

David talked about being a monster.  He purposely worked to infect others with HIV.  Now he chooses, by the power of Jesus Christ, not to do those things.  He was molested as a child.  He became a molester.  Predators use money etc. to lure children into their lairs.  I know.  I was part of this movement.

He pointed out that people should be able to do their time and then move on.

Praise the Lord!

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