Join the Prayer Team

There is tremendous Power in Prayer. We have the ability to bring about a supernatural healing, protection, interaction, or change. That Power dwells within us and hears us from on High!

This Prayer Team must be committed to praying for the needs of this ministry as well as specifically for David Arthur and other individuals as they go into the enemies territory to bring The GOoD News.

The mission of this Prayer Team is to encourage, edify and cover David Arthur and those who go out into the battlefield on these 3-Day Ministry Trips, Conferences, One On One Meetings, Speaking Engagements, Abortion Mill Outreach, Etc… through prayer.

What we will need to make this a successful Prayer Ministry Team, is obedience, trust, perseverance, the will and the time to make time to intercede on these very important, sometimes life threatening, missions. This truly is a Life or death situation, and must be treated as such.

We will also need two people to take on a leadership role that will schedule, contact and oversee the entire team and process.

There must be a conference call at least once a week.

There must be a phone/email chain that recipients are notified immediately of the most important alerts.

There must be obedience to The Word of GOD.

There must be a Compassion for your brethren, as well as for the lost that your brethren will encounter and interact with.